Friends of the Land of Keweenaw is an active all-volunteer organization located in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It works with other regional, state, and national organizations to protect and preserve the ecological integrity of the Lake Superior Watershed.

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CANCELED: U.P. Energy Task Force meeting

This week’s meeting of the U.P. Energy Task Force, which was scheduled for Wednesday, has been canceled.

The Task Force next will meet March 3 as it works to complete its report identifying possible alternatives to meeting the Upper Peninsula’s energy needs. Meeting information will be posted to the U.P. Energy Task Force webpage.

By March 31, the Task Force must submit its final report to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. In April 2020, the Task Force approved recommendations on propane availability in the U.P.

Here’s a link to the December 2020 FOLK newsletter.

In the newsletter:


-The Warden Plant – same old, same old 

-Marquette area spaceport proposal

-Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative

-Michigan’s Healthy Climate Plan

-FOLK Supports Designating four new National Wilderness Areas on the Ottawa National Forest

-The UP Energy Task Force Update

-Membership/donation form

-Actions by FOLK board members

​​Planet of the Humans, a new film produced by Michael Moore and directed by Jeff Gibbs, is now available on YouTube!  It discusses, among other things, how enviros have become seduced by corporations and research facilities into believing that technology will save the world.  High tech and "environmentally friendly" solutions are no substitute for simply using fewer resources in the first place.  See here.

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